Thy Kingdom Come - Prophecy in Scripture

Thy Kingdom Come - Prophecy in Scripture

Aug 2015 - Oct 2015

Those who will study prophecy tend to limit their efforts to a few favorite doctrines; the Rapture, the Second Coming are favorites. But, it is not enough to focus exclusively on a few teachings. In order to truly understand the times in which we live and signs which we are commanded to observe, we must understand prophesy in a comprehensive and systematic way.

This study is designed to provide an overview of the three major streams of prophecy; those concerning the Nations, Israel and the Church. These streams, presented primarily from the Old Testament, all center on the work and person of Jesus Christ, and indicate the different promises and destinies of these three people groups. By studying these, the intent is to provide a firm scriptural foundation and clear picture of how each stream combines into an all-inclusive view of the End of Days.

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Sermons in this series
The wrap up on our series on prophecy leading into a study of The Book of Revelation.
In this session, we explore the prayer of Daniel and angels battling in the heavenly realm. We ask who the Prince of Persia could be, and how can he battle with angels. Note: Users of some Apple hardware may experience problems with the audio file.
We begin in Daniel chapter 2 and explore the prophetic visions of the beasts, and the dream of Nebuchadnezzar.
Duration: 58 mins
Session 4 explores the implications of covenants and promises made by One Who cannot break a promise. We also dive into the 70th week of Daniel and try to determine when the clock for the most notorious 7-year period in history will begin ticking.
Duration: 54 mins
We begin this session in Genesis 15 and understand that there are three streams of prophecy in the Old Testament: Israel, the Nations and the Church. In this session, we'll explore the Abrahamic Covenant and what it means when God tells Abraham that through his seed (singular) all the nations will be blessed.
Passage: Genesis
Duration: 1 hr 16 mins
We learn the three primary rules for interpreting Scripture; context, context, context. The same rules apply for reading prophecy. In this session we learn the difference between literal and allegorical interpretations of prophecy and we see the first of the prophecies of the Bible recorded in Genesis.
Duration: 1 hr 10 mins
In this introductory session, we learn what prophecy is and the difference between prophets who foretell, and prophets who teach.