Practical Apologetics - Defending Your Faith

Practical Apologetics - Defending Your Faith

Aug 2016 - Oct 2016

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Sermons in this series
Putting It All Together

Understanding Paradigms
First Cause and Creation
Christianity and Reason
Similarity of the Cults
Our Approach
Part III

Down the rabbit hole - Mormonism
Part II

Watchtower Society
Part I

Dialogue on the Doorstep
Watchtower Society
Part II

One Way? or One of Many?
The Resurrection – Who Moved the Stone?
Uniqueness of Christianity - Part I

The Attributes of God
Uniqueness of the Message
Lord, Liar or Lunatic?
The Bible - We Can Trust It - Part II

Transmission of the Text
Testimony of the Writers
Some Answers to Critics
The Bible - We Can Trust It - Part I

Inspiration and Communication
Message from Outside Time and Space
The Problem of Translations
Does God Exist?

Fingerprints of Creation
The Nature of God
Made in the Image of God
Does God Speak to His Creation?
Introduction to Apologetics

Questions, Questions, Questions
Let us Reason Together
Nature of Truth
Hindrances to Knowing the Truth