Heaven and the Afterlife

Heaven and the Afterlife

Jun 2012 - Jul 2012

It would seem that everyone at one point in their life has considered the question, "Is there life after death, and if so, what is it like?" With the billions of humans that have inhabited this planet since creation, and the hundreds of religions attempting to unveil the mystery, the answers can span from the absurd to the sublime. They can enslave or empower their believers and change the course of history. So, who's right? How can we validate one answer over another? And, is there a reliable authority capable of answering one of the deepest questions of life? In this series, John Gifford will explore and explain the reliability of Scripture and the Authority behind what we, as Christians, believe (and know) about Heaven and the Afterlife.

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Sermons in this series
Passage: Revelation 1
God is too smart to let us know everything about everything the minute we arrive in heaven. Rather, He intends for us to continue learning about Him and His creation for eternity. And in order for us to know by experience, we must be changed. New bodies, new eyes and new dimensions to enjoy are all aspects of our eternal, heavenly experience as we explore the richness of experience that we look forward to.
We begin this final session by filling in some details of heaven including the city of God, the twelve gates made of single pearls and the the streets of transparent gold. Listen closely to this one. You won't want to miss it!
God is in the business of redeeming, and far from the concept of making all new things, the Word says, "Behold, I make all things new." In the second half of this session, we will explore how God cleanses and redeems His creation.
Passage: Revelation 22
Charles Spurgeon's final words were, "I can hear them coming. Don't you hear them? This is my coronation day." The glories of heaven are continuing to be revealed as this session begins with a brief recap of the New Jerusalem. We also learn how time will pass in our new perception of reality and dimensions.
Passage: Revelation 4
Picking up in the book of Revelation, we see the Apostle John's vision of the New Jerusalem, complete with measurements and an explanation of the immensity of our new home.
Passage: Ezekiel 1
Beginning with a brief recap of the series so far, we continue our learning about heaven by getting a description of the throne of God. Far from being the old guy on a gold chair, we are given a glimpse into the intricacy and depth of what scripture tells us we will see one day.
Passage: Genesis 2:17
In the second half of the lesson on death and the grave, we learn about separation of the body, soul and spirit and what those separations can tell us about the nature of death.
In this session we discover the nature of our reality and the architecture of man as we learn why our bodies must be eventually transformed to experience heaven.
Teacher: John Gifford

In this session we barely scratch the surface in answering the question, "What is Heaven?" We also explore the issue of the reliability of the Bible through predictive prophecy. Hints of your eternal future should be provocative enough to get you digging in to your Bible to discover what God has hidden for you.
Teacher: John Gifford

“Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither.”
~C.S. Lewis.

The great questions about death and the afterlife, and some of the answers, are introduced in this opening session of this series.