Faith, Hope, Love

The Apostle Paul certainly had a way with words. He is credited with writing at least 13 books in the New Testament; 14, if the book of Hebrews is included. His writings have been scrutinized by more scholars and students of the Scriptures than perhaps any other Bible author. Among his most quoted texts is the famous "Love Chapter"; 1 Corinthians 13. As he describes love's characteristics he concludes the passage with the phrase, “And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love" [emphasis added]. These three, faith, hope, love are linked together as a unit, and unbreakable union1.

In linking faith, hope and love, Paul notes that they "abide now" - that is, at the present time they exist together. The inference is that they will not always "abide" together. They will be superseded with only love remaining. Indeed the prior context points out that prophecy, knowledge, tongues will all cease; become obsolete when that "which is perfect has come"2. Until that time, we walk in the Spirit - energized by faith, motivated by love and persevering in hope. These three are the bedrock of our Christian walk in Christ so long as we are in this world.

In this brief study we will explore these three graces. What are they? How do they work? How do they inter-relate? And most importantly, how do I apply their influence in my daily life. I don't think there is a more practical lesson, one that will provide us with a firmer grasp on who we are and who God is, than to know and understand these three.

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The Book of Revelation

The book of Revelation is perhaps the most feared and misunderstood book in the whole of the Bible. Yet, it is the only one that promises a blessing to its reader. Perhaps God knew that we would be reluctant to dive into prophecies concerning the end of life as we know it, and so we are encouraged to take the Father's hand as we read. Far from being a complicated, unknowable mystery, the book of Revelation is laid out in an extremely logical fashion, and can be studied and enjoyed by anyone with a willing heart. Join us as we dive deep into this book and earn our blessing as readers.

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Thy Kingdom Come - Prophecy in Scripture

Those who will study prophecy tend to limit their efforts to a few favorite doctrines; the Rapture, the Second Coming are favorites. But, it is not enough to focus exclusively on a few teachings. In order to truly understand the times in which we live and signs which we are commanded to observe, we must understand prophesy in a comprehensive and systematic way.

This study is designed to provide an overview of the three major streams of prophecy; those concerning the Nations, Israel and the Church. These streams, presented primarily from the Old Testament, all center on the work and person of Jesus Christ, and indicate the different promises and destinies of these three people groups. By studying these, the intent is to provide a firm scriptural foundation and clear picture of how each stream combines into an all-inclusive view of the End of Days.

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Book of Ezekiel

This book contains some of the most amazing prophecies in the Bible about God’s judgments on Israel and the Nations. It predicts the restoration of Israel to her land some 2,500 years in advance! The prophecies are so precise and detailed that they read like today’s newspaper. And, if you want to understand what’s happening in the Middle East now, you need only study Ezekiel. The book also looks to the future temple and millennial reign of Christ and the eternal Kingdom of God.

Our survey will cover the major divisions of the Book; with side trips to specific chapters for a closer look at the details. We will examine a sweeping vision of the throne of God in the first chapter. Chapters 2-3 are God’s call to the prophet. Chapters 4-24 contain warnings and pronouncements upon rebellious Israel; given through a series of parables. In Chapters 25-32 we will examine the Lord’s judgments on the surrounding Nations; those who have mocked and persecuted Israel. Then in Chapters 33-48, a message of deliverance and restoration is written. This includes not only the current nation of Israel but also the future of the coming Messiah, the Temple, and the Kingdom of God in the End age.

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Essential Christianity

Basic training for advanced believers. In this series we explore the fundamentals of Christianity in detail, covering essential doctrine – to equip the Saints so that they can “give to every man an answer” (1 Pet 3:15).  Topics include: Inerrancy, Inspiration of the Bible, The Trinity, Deity of Christ, Atonement, Salvation by Grace, Virgin Birth, Resurrection, Eschatology and the Second Coming. 

The result is to provide a firm foundation for what we believe and the reasons for we believe – a focused apologetics course.

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Heaven and the Afterlife

It would seem that everyone at one point in their life has considered the question, "Is there life after death, and if so, what is it like?" With the billions of humans that have inhabited this planet since creation, and the hundreds of religions attempting to unveil the mystery, the answers can span from the absurd to the sublime. They can enslave or empower their believers and change the course of history. So, who's right? How can we validate one answer over another? And, is there a reliable authority capable of answering one of the deepest questions of life? In this series, John Gifford will explore and explain the reliability of Scripture and the Authority behind what we, as Christians, believe (and know) about Heaven and the Afterlife.

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The Epistles of Peter

The Epistles of Peter provide encouragement to the saints undergoing hardship and persecutions. Peter lifts the eyes of the believer to see their circumstances from God’s perspective; to know and understand the true riches of their salvation and to focus on the eternal Kingdom.

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Book of Nehemiah Study

Nehemiah (comforted of Jehovah) is about building – or rather rebuilding both the physical structure of the walls of Jerusalem as well as the spiritual life of the people of God.

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Book of Psalms Study

Called by Spurgeon, The Treasury of David, the study of the book of Psalms is potentially the most personal study one can undertake.